Friday, February 03, 2006

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee-atch (From MySpace)

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I'm so glad I saved this email exchange. Names are changed to protect the guilty:

Date: Nov 20, 2005 8:09 AM

Just wanted to let you know I am removing both you and my grandson as friends. I think my daughter is right, as usual. I might scare off any potential suitors - even casual friends - by displaying just two profiles, one of a twenty five year-old stud flexing and the other of an old guy whose friends are scantily-clad twenty somethings with breast implants and names like Bambi Cumsalot.

The deck is stacked against me as it is.

Have a good day, may all your teams win, and talk soon.


My friend "Jim" responded in a semi-aggrieved tone, saying he was sorry my friends "objected " to him and pointing out that he never worried about what people thought of him. He noted, with mock surprise and ill-disguised pleasure, that my grandson was my only "friend" - and suggested I join a music group on MySpace, where I could meet people with similar interests.

My reply:

Of course, no one would "object" to you. And if they did object, I wouldn't remove you - if only for that reason. But it does send the wrong message to have as my only friend a seventy plus year old guy*, especially one who is a "glamour" photographer, who has a slew of semi-soft porn, escort-type "friends" with their titties hanging out and their asses in the air.

As for meeting people here, that never was my intention or expectation. I'm a neophyte blogger and a serious, successful songwriter. I'm a member of a Yahoo list of music fans that includes composers, lyricists, music journalists, authors, and performers, many of whom are celebrated not only by their peers but by the public. More than a few are famous. This would be the last place I'd look for people who are my peers. Believe me, I've checked out the "groups". Not for me.

I wish you every success on the list, but since we seem to have a major communication problem over this issue, I'll understand completely if I don't hear from you in the future. And furthermore, the fact that you are reluctant to meet me suggests that you may have something to hide, or protect. I really don't care if you are married, since I have absolutely no interest in you - but if you had a "double life", you wouldn't want the little missus to know how much time you spend online and what you do there. Not saying you are married, just saying, for whatever reason, my proposal that we meet raised a red flag - a very big red flag, since we live less than five miles from each other.

I have a very busy, exciting, satisfying life - as I'm sure do you. There is no room or need for fantasy. I am who I am. I like who I am, and I am supremely indifferent to my "likeability" quotient here on

You and I hung out for a while and it was fun.

I wish you all the best.


*He claims to be 61 on his profile. I did the math.


I restored my grandson's profile about a week later.