Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Thought I'd import some of my myspace posts, just to show I've haven't broken my New Year's Resolution.

Zoology 101
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Re the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings: Be afraid. Be very afraid. It's not the foxes that are guarding the henhouse, it's the weasels.

Oxymoron Of The Day
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Teenaged Dominatrix. Don't laugh - apparently they do exist. They can be found right here on As a mature woman, I can only shake my head and wonder why any man seriously looking for somebody to open up a can of whup-ass on him would waste his time with a beginner. It takes years of living to fine tune one's ability to hurt and humiliate another human being. It's not about costumes or whips or shoe-licking - it's about seeing into the very soul of the person who desires to be punished, exposing and extirpating what is festering there, selecting the ideal form of degradation and only then administering the appropriate punishment.

Woody Allen said, and I quote, if sex isn't dirty, you're not doing it right. If a dominatrix can't make you wish you were never born, she's not doing it right.

Keep On Walking, Diogenes

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Unlike Senator Biden, I don't quote without attribution. For those too young to remember, his political career was temporarily stalled (and his presidential campaign derailed) when he was caught out in a series of lies about his background. You can read more at the following url:

I find it dismaying that several of the "good guys" on the Judicial Committee have dinosaur - sized skeletons in their own moral closets. As for Ted Kennedy, let's not go there.

Biden campaigned for the U.S. presidency in 1998, but dropped out of the race amidst scandal. He was found to have plagiarized a speech from British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock. Biden unsuccessfully defended the plagiarism claims arguing that he had previously correctly credited Kinnock on other occasions but failed to do so in an Iowa speech that was recorded and distributed to reporters by aides to Michael Dukakis, the eventual nominee. It was also revealed that he had plagiarized in law school 20 years earlier when, unaware of the appropriate standards for legal briefs, he'd used a single footnote while lifting five full pages from a legal article. A series of related problems created a barrage of negative publicity that his candidacy was unable to withstand, including his exaggeration of his academic record during a campaign speech and many other examples of unattributed quotes pilfered from past Democrats through his speeches.
Judge Alito's Nomination Current mood: alarmed Category: News and Politics
The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings are being broadcast live on WBAI (99.5 FM) for those who are interested. The station's url is, if you are not in or near the Big Apple.

A Million Little Lies

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Nobody can lie like a writer - about you, about himself, about anything.

I should know. This article really struck home. Lord, I'm tempted to backslide bigtime, but my lips have been sealed for nine days - and I am determined to keep my New Year's Resolution.

From "THE SMOKING GUN" Website:

A Million Little Lies - Exposing James Frey's Fiction Addiction.

"Book Club" author's best-selling nonfiction memoir filled with fabrications, falsehoods, other fakery, TSG probe finds.

JANUARY 8--Oprah Winfrey's been had. - 31k -

Spin Of The Day

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Today's Yahoo news story about Schwartzenegger's latest motorcycle mishap references another, more serious accident he had in 2001, when he "was unable to avoid a car, which had stopped in front of him".
In other words, he ran into a car.

R.I.P. Delicious Demon

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Funny thing about censorship and websites. Nature abhors a vacuum. After the smart, funny people leave, the intellectually challenged members take up the slack, and their inane comments drive away more people. Soon even the occasional posters lose interest - and patience. Finally, the board becomes a personal blog, a "diarrhy", where one poster who is lonely, addled, and semi-literate blathers on and on and on about nothing in particular to nobody in particular. That's masturbation, not communication.

Euphemism Of The Day

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Yesterday's New York Daily News lauded Ariel Sharon as a great leader and statesman who expanded Israel's borders. Isn't this another way of saying he invaded neighboring nations? This is a good thing?