Saturday, January 21, 2006

From Myspace, in reverse order, as always .... God Damn it.

The Decline And Fall Of Civilization As T.S.Idiot Knows It

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Where did all the good writers go? That's an easy question. Most of them died. Some sold out. Some gave up. Some wore out. Some burned out. Many of the brightest and best chose the bottle or the needle.

But once a writer, always a writer, so they continue to sputter on, long after they have anything important to say. Even when no one is listening.

You say the world is in the shitter? Instead of strutting and fretting on the Delicious Demon message board, get your ass in gear and do something about it. Write about it. Jeremiads are your specialty. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Write ---- or STFU and get out of the way, old man. You're taking up space on the planet.

And To Think They Named A Candy Fanny Farmer!

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That orgy scenario on Delicious Demon involving a married matron, two businessmen, chocolates and an eighty seven year old spinster wearing goggles is disappointingly tame and unimaginative.

Nothing wrong with having sex and then eating the chocolates, as was suggested, but there's nothing particularly orgiastic about pigging out on candy - unless you're bulimic - and that's another scenario.

Sex and chocolate go together like a hand in (latex) glove. It shouldn't be too difficult for an award winning playwright to introduce (insert?) those chocolates into the story line.

That's where the goggles come in. The octagenarian wouldn't wear them - she'd tape over the lenses and give them to whoever was looking for her candy.

Fade To Black

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The "Twinkle, Twinkle" poem posted on inspired the following:

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
Now I know how dim you are
Pulsing feebly up above
Looking for someone to love
Someone you can still outshine
That is why you can't be mine

Oh, fuck ..... that didn't come out right. Let me try again.

Hey, diddle diddle
I'll play second fiddle
Into your ear I'll croon

I'll iron and do dishes
Obey all your wishes
And sing a subservient tune

Me so horny, Candy-san. Me love you long time.

(Deeplip, who loves to flip the script - and never charges a fee.)

Heads Up, T.S. Idiot

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I want to share with you, gentle readers, my most recent poem, published today in a highly regarded and widely read poetry newsletter.

(Is "widely read poetry newsletter" oxymoronic? Probably.)

A reader on yesterday's limerick:"I am puzzled. Doesn't the last line of a limerick have to have a non-repeating word in it? Joke, joke, topper. Not -- joke, joke, repeat joke. I suppose Lear is the Man, and he would cast the deciding vote here, but I found his limerick kinda lame."

A reader on another reader's response to the last limerick of the week:

There once was a fellow named Keating
Who said, Inspiration is fleeting.
The few times I can
Get the f***er* to scan,
The end rhyme is always repeating.

* PG version is "limerick"

(Deeplip, who cannot stifle herself)

Catch-22 Of The Day

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Calif. Inmate, 76, Faces Execution Tonight
By DAVID KRAVETS, Associated Press Writer 2 hours, 25 minutes ago

SAN FRANCISCO - A 76-year-old convicted killer — legally blind, nearly deaf and in a wheelchair — tried to stave off execution early Tuesday by arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court that it would be cruel and unusual punishment to put a feeble old man to death.
Allen raised two claims never before endorsed by the high court: that executing a frail old man would violate the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment, and that the 23 years he spent on death row were unconstitutionally cruel as well.
At seventy six, Allen has lived an extra twenty plus years, thanks to the interminable delays built into the (in)justice system. He probably never would have lasted this long on the outside. I'm not for the death penalty, but it makes no sense to me that a condemned man who has spent decades appealing his conviction can argue that he is too old to be executed.

Dying In The Saddle With Your Bed Slippers On
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The warning comes after six patients died in an NIH-sponsored study testing whether L-arginine can improve heart function after a heart attack. The study was terminated earlier than planned because of these disproportionate deaths.

All six deaths were among the 78 heart attack patients who added L-arginine to their normal medical treatment regimen. There were no deaths among the 75 heart attack patients who did not receive L-arginine.

"L-arginine therapy should not be given to patients following a [heart attack]," warn Johns Hopkins researcher Steven P. Schulman, MD, and colleagues. "L-arginine therapy in older patients with [stiff arteries] may worsen clinical outcomes."
Schulman's team reports the findings in the Jan. 4 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association.

The amino acid L-Arginine plays a key role in improving blood flow to the penis, and increases the frequency and durations of erections - often dramatically.

The six heart attack patients who took this cheap, safe, non-prescription supplement and died, died happy.

Did the makers of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra underwrite this "research"?

Deaf Be Not Proud

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Posted on a lovely young (just 21!)woman's myspace website by TS. Idiot aka Ken :

I grow old; I grow old.
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.
I have heard the mermaids singing
each to each.

They do not sing for me.

(T.S. Eliot)

They sang for you. You weren't listening. It was always the sound of your own voice that delighted you. I sang for you. I'm still singing. Listen, old man. Can you hear me? That sweet voice is mine.

The loud, ugly noise in the background is the sound of a New Year's Resolution breaking.