Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Deeplip! (from Myspace.com)

Current mood: exasperated

Category: Life

Ut oh! Ken is posting about me again. That makes three posts in one day. I was wrong. I figured he'd sit back and let PS Art sound the alarm, but apparently His Looniness couldn't just watch from the sidelines. He warned the group that I was "back from Mars, as usual", and added that I was wearing a "pointy black hat".

Do not mistake this for sarcasm or metaphor. This man is crazy. He has always maintained that I am several people, and that I have supernatural powers. Yep. That's me! Virus, slime, putrid matter, scourge, harridan, virago, chimera (a few of his choicer epithets - remember, he's a writer) and now .... witch!

For anyone scratching his head and wondering who's the real fruitcake, me or Ken, I refer you to the message board of deliciousdemon.com

Read PS Arts's posts and Ken's posts for yesterday, January 30.

No one could make this shit up. Actually, Ken can, and he does - he just can't document it.

It's all so sad. The man can still write, but he's a one trick pony, and he relies on rhetoric, which is no substitute for passion. Even the shiniest boiler-plate is still boiler-plate.