Thursday, January 26, 2006


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The real reason "six doesn't like seven" has nothing to do with being odd or even. Seven is a prime number, it rhymes with "heaven" and is considered to be a lucky, even a magical number.

Six is jealous.

(Deeplip, who was born on February 7, 1937 at 7 A.M., weighing seven pounds, seven ounces.)

Cutting Off Your Dick To Spite Your Face - And Mine

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Category: Romance and Relationships

I can see why an old man would rather sleep with a twenty year old than sleep with a woman his own age.

What I don't understand is why he would rather fantasize about making it with a twenty year old than have actual sex with a woman his age who loves him, inside and out.

Love Hurts

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Category: Romance and Relationships

The Seal of Approval has a very large member - so immense, in fact, it could be called a weapon of mass destruction. Three of his favorite cows had to be permanently retired from the harem after attempts to surgically repair their pelvic hernias were unsuccessful. Their names are Sistah Seal, Rectah Seal and Urethrah Seal.

(Deeplip, who wonders if only urologists and gynecologists understand what she's talking about, why is she posting this?)

Old Age Is A Bitch ..... Unless You're Bionic, Like Me

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Speaking of relativism, O Thou Who Shall Be Nameless, when responding to posts (on Delicious Demon) addressed to you, which is more indicative of mental confusion and intellectual decline?

1) Answering questions that weren't asked.
2) Answering questions that were asked - but responding in rambling non sequiturs.

(Deeplip, who would like to be your Nutritional Therapist, among other things.)

Words I Want Engraved On My Funeral Urn

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Category: Life

I waited
Father Time to
close the bar
You left
the party early
Jack Daniel's