Friday, April 21, 2006

Neurolinguistics 101

Current mood: desperately seeking a glazier


Thanks, Ken, for your eloquent, albeit belated defense of Muslim women (posted on today's Delicious Demon board.)

As a man born in 1936, you can be forgiven an occasional linguistic lapse, but I would suggest that your use of the phrase "their women" seriously weakens your argument. It contributes to, rather than challenges the perception that Muslim women "belong to" the men.

The fact that women in most traditional Muslim societies are regarded as chattel makes it especially important not to employ language that reflects and reinforces their subservient position when you are questioning the status quo.

As for sexual ineptitude and insensitivity, I totally agree with your theory that men who cover up women from head to toe probably don't have a clue what do once the clothes come off - other than the old "insert tab A in slot B" routine. And that's assuming the clothes do come off. (Maybe the burqa stays on, and there's a little porthole or something down there?)

Not that further proof is needed, but the millions of clitoridectomies performed each year on Muslim women attest to the fact that a woman's pleasure is the last thing the man is concerned with. His first concern is obliterating the source of it.

If female sexuality is so threatening that it requires genital mutilation, one can only imagine how unfulfilling (and painful) sex must be for the woman.

Almost as bad as having intercourse with a man whose boner could cut glass.


Update: And while I'm on your case, the word "performance", when used to describe what goes on between two (ok, Ken -- for you I'll make that two or more) people is infelicitous, to say the least. Performance is too close to competition. I would hate to think that the man who is making love to me is "performing", and God knows, if I worried about how I measured up against women who'd had more experience - - and that's all of them, except nuns - - I'd never have sex.

If people are reasonably healthy, curious , uninhibited , playful and affectionate, sex is bound to be good. If it isn't good, it will be because something else is wrong between them.

And if they love each other, it will be spectacular.