Friday, April 21, 2006

Your True Colors Are Showing, And So Is Your Ass

Current mood: very disappointed in Ken.

Category: Life

It doesn't surprise me that there are more than a few male chauvinist pigs on the aptly named Pork Chop's Delicious Demon website. If I were still posting there, I'd ask about those seventy-seven virgins the men propose to "collect" (Ken's word) and "give" to would-be suicide bombers, as a deterrent.

PS Art, characteristically, doesn't seem to object. She may be a male chauvinist sow, for all I know. She tends to defer to the alpha males.

My question for the fellas:

Do these virgins volunteer to be deflowered by strangers (ie. raped) or are they conscripted as war materiel?

(Deeplip, who would like to "collect" a few of you oinkers and "give" you to seventy-seven angry women with dildos.)

Joseph Suglia
I have no idea what all of this is about, Connie, but the title of the entry caught my attention.

It's very telling that you used the word entry, Joseph. Nothing escapes my attention. And yes, if that's what it takes, I definitely can get a man's attention.