Sunday, March 19, 2006

Thanks For Sharing

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From today's Delicious Demon Message Board:

"Fr. Hubert: Penance only has one "n" in it. Someone in your profession should be aware of that." (Ken Brown)

I see two "n"s, Ken. Someone in your profession should be aware of that.

Someone in your profession should also be aware that when you say penance "only has one n", you are, in effect, saying the word does not contain the letters p,e,a, and c, two e's - and that second "n" which you say is not there.

Penance has only one "n" is not a true statement, but at least it's grammatically correct.

In the same short post, you volunteer that regular bowel movements are "not a minor consideration" at your age. Too much information, hon - but now you've got me wondering if yours are difficult and infrequent. Maybe even (ouch!) painful.

That would explain a lot, Ken.

Is there a possible connection here? Auto-intoxication can contribute to brain fog. Consider switching to a more healthful diet and getting more exercise.

Although I am your age, my mind is crystal clear and I shit like a rabbit.