Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tough Love

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After getting a couple of squirrelly off-topic comments on my blogs, I decided to disable the "comments" feature, but I restored it at Pun's urging.

I welcome any and all comments, and will delete only those that are so poorly written that they detract from my blog. I set high standards for myself and expect others to do the same when they post.

Please scroll down and read my blog, "Take A Deep Breath And Hold It" if you haven't already. And Lori - if you're reading this, I invite you to re-post your blog. I unintentionally deleted it, along with my response.

Here is Pun's comment, and my reply:

admittingly, im guilty of this...we all have done some stupid shit to the detriment of our bodies at times.......

Posted by Pun_Intended on Monday, March 06, 2006 at 3:08 PM[

Teenagers do stupid shit because adults expect them to. If they believe they are invulnerable, it is because no one has taught them that they are not. Kids today are both overprotected and neglected. They are"educated" by peer groups, TV, and the internet. Millions of them are on Ritalin, because they pose problems at school, and it's easier to medicate them than reform the educational system.

Lori suffered a terrible tragedy, but her son was sixteen. He was not a toddler who swallowed sleeping pills or a seven year old who skated past the warning flags and fell through thin ice.

In many countries, sixteen year olds work, serve in the military and bear and raise children. This was true in America up until about a hundred years ago. The emergence of the adolescent and America's love-hate relationship with teen-agers has more to do with marketing than biology , IMO.

There's evidence that the brain is still developing in teen-agers, and the areas associated with impulse control and judgement don't mature until the mid-twenties.

Even so, if all teens believed themselves to be indestructible, none of us would have reached adulthood, and the human race would have become extinct.

A sixteen year old who doesn't understand that it's a bad idea to hang himself probably isn't going to be deterred by warnings.

As for your having survived some "stupid shit", so did I. But the stupid stuff I did was done out of ignorance, never out of a feeling of invulnerability.