Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ken's A Swine, But I Wish He Were My Swine (from MySpace)

Current mood: wistful and not even a little horny. No, not I.

Category: Romance and Relationships

Ken's gay slang reference to gum on Delicious Demon brought back an old memory. Not so old, really - but it seems a lifetime ago.

One night in late 2003, when he was holding forth on his favorite topic: himself - actually two favorite topics, himself and sex - Ken told the biddies in the chatroom, "I've got good teeth for an old man, and at my age, I've got to use everything I've got."

This comment so excited me, I could barely type a response. My nether regions were engorged. All the blood had left my fingers.

I wasn't sure if he was bragging or complaining and I just blurted out, "Sometimes tooth is stranger than friction".