Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sober Is As Sober Does (from MySpace)

Current mood: walking down memory lane

Category: Romance and Relationships

One night, out of the blue, Ken dropped a bombshell in chat. He said - to no one in particular -"Play has been a drunk for fifty years".

That was a remarkable admission. More remarkable, to me, was the fact that no one responded to it. At least, not to his face. But a couple of days later, he posted one of his incendiary rants about Belle. She had been trashing him. Telling people he had a drinking problem.

At the end of his long, self-serving post, he assured his readers that his days of heavy drinking were in the distant past. Nowadays, he said, "I have only a couple of glasses of wine with dinner".

If only that were true.

Here is my posted response:

I have never trashed you, Play, and never would. You outed yourself in chat. I'd be the last person to trash you. It was your public trashing of me - and the resulting lynch mob mentality - that caused me to change my profile. It was impossible to deal with the hostility and contempt you fomented on the board and in chat. You always knew my new identity. And each time I returned, you again made the situation intolerable for me. I never hid from you. We continued to exchange emails and talk on the phone the entire time this was going on. In fact, you laughed about it. There are two reasons why I'd never trash you, although I will confront you every time you post something untrue about me. You're at the mercy of an illness that increasingly compels you to behave atrociously, and for which you refuse treatment. And as everyone who's been around for a while knows, I care for you. Deeply. And if you didn't care for me just as deeply, you'd let this thing go. I represent every woman who's ever hurt you, ever left you, ever scorned you. You obsess about me constantly. Let it go.

Want a little documentation?

Subject: Saturday Night Chat Snafu
Author: playwrightnovelist
Username: playwrightnovelist Date: 01/18 09:08am

I apologize to Tuner, Blondie, Moon, Young and anyone else I might have offended last night in chat. I'd had too much to drink, and old Jack Daniels had me running my mouth with more acid than usual. At my age, this happens sometimes, and I'm not making excuses. Just want you all to know that I'm aware that I misbehaved.

Note that Ken apologized to everyone except me.