Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What Ken's Not Telling You (from MySpace)

Current mood: affectionately combative

Category: Romance and Relationships

Ken and I talked on the phone many times, often for hours, and usually late at night. He always called me, not the other way around. I offered to share the calls because I knew he was living hand to mouth and I was concerned about his phone bill. He, being old school, declined my offer.

I made the first phone call and the last.

First Phone Call:

Subject: Getting to know you, getting to know all about you
Author: bellecurve
Username: bellecurve
Date: 01/13 03:28am

We start out with just words on a screen. Then, for some of us, there's the phone call. For me, that first conversation was a revelation. I'd been in the midst of a huge argument in chat, and was @!#$-bent on confronting my adversary in the real world. I was so angry it took me three tries to dial his number. When he began talking, I was completely undone. Helpless. His voice was like a knife slipping into a ripe melon. I could not believe this voice, this unbelievably sexy voice, could belong to the same infuriating man I'd been doing battle with less than a minute earlier. He sounded nothing like the guy in the chat room. The man on the phone was mellow, relaxed, and affectionate with a world-weary quality to his voice that was breaking my heart. He could have read me the Yellow Pages. Has anyone else been surprised - positively or negatively - by the voice of someone they've met and gotten to know in cyberspace?

Last Phone Call:

The last call lasted about ten seconds. Ken had been accusing someone new in the chat room of being me, and he was flaming her. Several people piled on, and the woman was so upset she left chat*. Shortly after she left, so did Ken. Well, God Damn it, I was upset, too. He had attacked an innocent woman, he had villified me, but worst of all, he had acted like a crazy person who had gone off his medication and I was sick with worry.

It was very late, but I decided to call Ken. When he picked up the phone, he sounded groggy. He had to have been asleep, or drunk. I told him the new woman in chat wasn't me and I begged him to believe me. He said he knew she was me - that he recognized my writing style - my "cadence", as he put it.

His last words were "don't call me".

*She left the website a couple of days later.