Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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There's a lively debate on the Delicious Demon message board concerning lying, deceit, and unintentional misstatements, and Ken's attempting to sort things out.

Ken certainly knows a lot about lying and deception. I can vouch for that. He may or may not also be an expert on unintentional misstatements. He makes them all the time, but paradoxically, he doesn't remember having made them. That's the problem with delusions. Like dreams, they evanesce --- poof. Is Ken an expert on unintentional misstatements? It's hard to say.

Even if he is, anecdotal experience is no substitute for scholarly research, and his "lecture" (his word) was disappointingly superficial. I recommend the recent #1 Bestseller On Bullshit for those who want to dig deeper into this fascinating and timely topic.

The author, who is Professor Emeritus at Princeton, recently gave a talk at the Princeton Public Library. From all appearances, he was telling the truth about himself and his book. A couple of cell phones rang during the reading, but nobody's shit detector went off.
Ken is incapable of telling the truth. He's a master of the half-truth and the "insinuendo". Note below a particularly devious ploy - a deliberate spelling error (one of his favorite devices) which allows him to cleverly skirt the whole issue of truth, lies, and intentionality:

"If someone believes that he is Napolean and says so with conviction, he is neither lying nor sitting. He is simply insane. If, on the other hand, a person says that he is Napolean to avoid conviction by entering an insanity plea, he is lying even though he might express himself from the sitting position. "

Do you see how impossible it is to win an argument with this man? He is just too fucking brilliant.