Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'm An Equal Opportunity Tweaker

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Category: Romance and Relationships

Even Ken, who I adored (and still do) isn't safe from my ripostes. Or my re-posts. This one is from Primesingles, before I got kicked off for good. Ken was booted shortly after.

He was responding to a post written by a woman named Cym, who he thought was me. Long story .....

Author: playwrightnovelist
Username: playwrightnovelist
Date: 01/25 08:59am

My remarks could not be less obtuse,
and your one liner is of no use.
The haughty sneer with which you
play fast and loose
Provides you with an excuse
To trivialize deprivation and abuse.

Subject: RE: Hey check out finemeplz
Author: trebleclef Username: trebleclef
Date: 01/25 02:07pm

Playwright, you're no Dr. Seuss.
You can't compete with Mother Goose.
Hallmark never was your style.
Stick to vitriol and bile.
And lastly, playwright, if you can,
Try to get your poem to scan.