Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match --- Find Me A Find --- Catch Me A Catch"

Current mood: unimaginably sad

Category: Romance and Relationships

Hello, How are you doing?I'm XXXXX and you?I look into your profile and you looks sexy,beautifull and looks like someone that people will like to get to know,well I'm just looking into many peoples profile so I decided to pick yours out of the most profiles because I keep wondering on what will such a beautifull woman like you will be looking for on here,anyway I belief if there's no reason,so there's no certainty for deeds so by this I belief there's reason for everything. I wish to know more about you so to see who you really are by telling me more about yourself,what you likes,what you don't likes,what you do,any kids? and more....Well Here goes a little about me.....I'm From Tennessee ,I work as a consultant to an oil company so I belief with God all things will be possible.You might be wondering that what will I be looking or wanting in someone as look as you're and also in long distance....This is just because I've been hurt by a woman which I truly devote all my time for and I think it's very bad experience to me and I don't pray for such anymore under any circumstances.....So I don't want to get hurt again and I hope someone as good as you're will not want to hurt or makes me feel sad so for this I Hope we'll be able to make this dreams of getting into great world becomes real for us if we're compatible or meant to be....And not that I'm just looking for anyhow woman but I'm looking for someone who's Honest,Caring and Trustworthy so if you're with any of these qualification....I'll like to talk to you and don't mind you IM me on my yahoo ID here which is .... xxxxxxxxxxx and my email there also on yahoo dot come....I look forward to talk to you Later..bye for now till I hear from you. XXXXXXX


Thank you for recognizing the fact that I am, at nearly seventy, extraordinarily sexy and beautiful. The fact that you picked my picture out of many millions is especially flattering because almost all the women on MySpace are in their teens or twenties.

I am indeed wondering on that what you will be looking or wanting in someone as look as I'm. And as for what I likes and don't likes, my profile is a good place to start. I belief you when you say you're not looking for an anyhow woman. I'm not sure I belief that with God all things will be possible, but then I don't work for an oil company.

As for the qualification I'm with, I can assure you that I am Honest, Caring and Trustworthy - but it was these very traits which caused me to lose a man I met on the internet and fell deeply and desperately in love with.

I have decided to be Dishonest, Callous, and Deceitful next time around.

Best Wishes,


(Deeplip, who is tearing her hair out, strand by strand.)