Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Are Men Sexually Shy ---- Or Just Cautious?

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Category: News and Politics

If you're able to get a copy of today's New York Daily News, there's a feature article on page six that is not to be missed. Even by tabloid standards, it is a masterpiece of hyperbole, sleazy innuendo and, most importantly, misinformation.

It is a survey about women's sexual satisfaction. The comic strip style illustration depicts a man in a suit and tie "talking dirty" to a smiling woman. A big turn on, according to the survey - along with, are you ready for this? - "jokes". Eeww.

We are told in the second sentence that "these days, women are getting as much satisfaction as men", and in the fourth sentence that "67 per cent of women almost always have orgasms". If both statements are true, 33 per cent of men are coming sometimes, rarely, or not at all during sex. Anybody believe that one?

Less obvious (and therefore more troubling) is the assertion, which appears three times in the half-page article, that women are having "sizzling" sex because they are less bashful about asking for what they want in bed. They are "more likely to spell out what they want in the sack". Well, everybody knows that women are better spellers than men, but I digress. Eighty per cent of women, as opposed to only seventy per cent of men "are comfortable asking for what they want in bed" or "not shy about what to do in the sack". How many ways can they say the same thing?

OK, you Elle Magazine morons, listen up. For this 10 per cent difference to be meaningful, men and women would have to be asking - or not asking - the same questions.

Men and women tend to have different sexual "wish-lists", and it is easier for a woman to ask for more foreplay than for a man to ask for anal sex, knowing there's a good chance he'll spend the night on the couch.