Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tampon Envy At A Safe Remove

Current mood: amused and intrigued
Category: Romance and Relationships

Princess Diana was a whiny, self-involved twit who spent way too much time looking in the mirror and throwing up in the toilet. That she was young, rich, beautiful, of noble birth and the most famous woman in the world makes her neither a heroine nor a role model, merely a celebrity - yet for Ken, she is an object of worship and adoration.

Perhaps even more so than the late Marilyn Monroe, whose nude photo graces Ken's computer screen.

The fact that Diana is dead (and like Marilyn, tragically and prematurely dead) is icing on the cake. Death is the ultimate mystery, the ultimate aphrodisiac, the ultimate buffer zone between "I" and "thou".

For a self-proclaimed anarchist like Ken, "princess worship" does seem a bit ludicrous, and I wonder if he isn't talking out of both sides of his mouth (or possibly out of his ass) when he self-righteously champions the downtrodden one day and toadies up to the rich and famous the next.

The conflict is what makes him so interesting. God, I just love a complex man!




Play's ideal woman
is young, sweet, bright, pretty and

(From Deeplip's Unreqwerty'd Love; the story of belle and play.)