Saturday, April 08, 2006

Never Own A Pet That's Bigger Than You Are

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AP via Yahoo! News - Apr 07 8:55 AM

Bengal Tiger Kills Owner in Minn.

SANDSTONE, Minn. - A Bengal tiger attacked and killed its owner at a former animal breeding business, the latest in a series of recent maulings involving captive exotic animals in the state.

Cynthia Lee Gamble, 52, was found in an area connected to the 500-pound tiger's cage by a small, open gate, Pine County Sheriff Mark Mansavage said Friday. He said a man who had gone to work on the property Thursday found the woman's body.

The tiger was euthanized and taken to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital for testing.
Two other Bengal tigers on the property were being cared for by Gamble's friends, Mansavage said.


The tiger had already planned to escape, and was waiting for the right moment to make his move.

Sensing the time was right, he decided to take a Gamble, and it cost him his life.


Update: Anyone else struck by the fact that the sheriff's name was Mansavage? Is there a message here?