Saturday, April 08, 2006

I Always Let Them Down Gently ....

Current mood: uncharacteristically domestic --- and submissive
Category: Romance and Relationships

Dear Joel,

First of all, thanks for the many voice mail messages. I apologize for not responding sooner. You really are someone I'd like to have a friendship with, and the fact that we're both in the same biz (music) - if different specialties - makes it especially tempting to accept your offer to meet and hang out. But Joel, there's something I sense about you that makes me uncomfortable pursuing a relationship - of any kind. You're obviously a very smart guy - with an earned doctorate - but there's a down side. Talking with you makes me feel like a contestant on a game show. You have a different style of relating than I: cosmopolitan, Upper West Side Jewish, academic. Purposeless and reflexive intellectual sparring is not something I enjoy. You are intense and competitive. So am I - that's ok. But you're also abrasive, combative and arrogant - not ok. You doubtless find this conversational style exhilarating; to me it's exhausting and non-productive. I'm looking for people to relax and have spontaneous, non-earth-shaking fun with and my fantasy guy cleans gutters, programs the V.C.R. and fixes things around the house. If I want a lecture, I'll sign up for one of your classes. I wish you great success in finding a more suitable woman. You've got a lot going for you, Joel. You deserve someone who's impressed, not annoyed, by your relentless and aggressive display of intellect.

Best Wishes,

Belle, who was constantly pursued by all the wrong men on PrimeSingles. All but one.

(Deeplip, who yearns to cook oatmeal and do laundry for the right wrong old man.)