Sunday, April 09, 2006

"For Every Man There's A Woman" (Leo Robin & Harold Arlen, 1947)

Current mood: testy
Romance and Relationships

Subject: hello princess

Body: how are u doind, i saw ur profile and u looking great and pretty, u soo beautiful! and cant wait to chat with u,if u are also intrested chating with me you can give me ur yahooid sotaht so that we chat there, take care



I refrained from replying, but here's what I would have said to alfred:

1) Your message is riddled with errors. Spelling counts.

2) The caption next to my picture says it was taken in 1953. I don't look the same in 2006 as I did then. Subtraction counts.

3) Having something in common to talk about is the sine qua non of chating (sic). Latin counts. I doubt you have any.

4) You live in Pennsylvania. Proximity counts.

5) I don't like bushy beards. They scratch down there.

6) I am not a princess. You've probably figured that out by now.