Sunday, March 26, 2006

"And Now, For Something Completely Different ...."

Current mood: deeply sincere
Writing and Poetry

LOVE POEM (dedicated to Ariel Greenberg)

There is witch hazel in
the bag that is not a douche.
Talk to me, I am
swimming out of your medicine.

I will lie with you and stitch you.
Measure the wandered floor, the
mended door. I know nothing.
I have a harelip I will show you.

Let us go into the garden.
and smear it all yellow.
I have a william coming loose
I am saving for your apology.

The experimental (ouch!) poem above is from "The Little Book of Poems About Poetry and Poets"

(Deeplip. who is inspired by the leading poets of the day and is striving, in her own humble way, to emulate them.)