Thursday, March 23, 2006

JUST ANOTHER (Maria Shara)POV(a)

If I tried to up my ranking,
would I risk a cyberspanking?

Could Alfonso Soriano
trigger a mano a mano?

Would it be uncool, unhip
to blog about the Gaza Strip?

If I mentioned Frank Quattrone
Would I be in the danger zone?

The Tar Heels staked their claim to fame
That's why bloggers drop their name.

And everyone from Maine to Maui
Wants to talk about Moussaoui

And indeed, it's necessary
to acknowledge Cyclone Larry

Lukashenko's hot, it's true
But not as hot as Tagliabue

Hurricane Katrina's gone
but her key word lingers on

I feel like some hanky-panky.
Heads up, Google: BEN BERNANKE!