Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Big Love ( "Plus Ça Change ......")

Current mood: fair-minded


Ask anyone what HBO's new smash hit Big Love is about, and they will tell you it's about a man who has three wives.

I say it's about three women who have 1/3 of a husband.

HBO's critically acclaimed and very controversial series doesn't challenge sexual taboos, it reinforces them - unless you count having sex with more than one partner a no-no.

Showtime should do a series about a polygamous family and call it Bi Love. One middle-aged, overworked, exhausted, preoccupied, conflicted and semi-impotent man "married" to three young and attractive bisexual women*.

Consider the possibilities:

To paraphrase the mandate for educating America's children, "No wife left behind". Or in this context, "no wife's behind left behind".

Each wife has three potential bed partners - just as the man of the house does. All the women are sexually satisfied, which means less crying, less yelling at the kids, less bickering among themselves, and a lot less on-line shopping.

And if he likes to watch, a lot less money spent on re-filling hubby's Viagra prescription. And if he joins in, maybe he won't need to re-fill it.

*Young and drop-dead gorgeous is more like it, if Showtime expects to attract male viewers.

(Deeplip, who knows and resents that it's still a man's world)