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The Odd Couple

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Nude Heather McCartney Photos Published In Tabloid

06/05/2006 8:00 PM, Yahoo! Music
Lyndsey Parker

Pornographic photos of Paul McCartney's estranged wife, Heather Mills, have surfaced in the British tabloid The Sun and on newspaper's website. The photos were taken for a hardcore German book titled Die Freuden Der Liebe--The Joys Of Love in 1988, five years before the motorcycle accident in which Mills lost one of her legs.

The extremely explicit photographs reveal Mrs. McCartney posing nude, slathered with baby oil, as she engages in sexual acts with an unnamed male porn star. Other photos involve handcuffs and other bondage gear, strawberries and cream, and sex toys.

Heather and Paul McCartney announced last month that they were ending their four-year marriage. The former Beatle has since taken great pains to defend his future ex-wife, insisting that she is not a gold-digger as the media has claimed. (Heather could win as much as $400 million in a divorce settlement, as the couple had no prenuptial agreement in place.)

The Sun did not report if Paul McCartney had yet commented on the photos.


Paul McCartney is so long in the tooth he looks like Angela Lansbury. Forget the Viagra -- give this guy a shot of testosterone, and hurry!

The fact that Heather Mills posed for naughty pictures probably has nothing to do with their messy divorce, but it might be one of the reasons Paul McCartney married her.

Girlfriend obviously knows her way around the bedroom.