Thursday, June 01, 2006

Don't Even Think About It .....

Current mood: ornery

Category: Romance and Relationships

Hello Dear, I was really taken by your profile.You seem like a special lady and I'd like to get to know you better. I am 66 Live in the UK.I work for a small business consultancy firm.I'm a simple,down to earth and modest gentleman.I put God first in all i do because i practice my religion more as a way of life. I'm known to have a strong character but can be a hopeless romantic to only the lady in my life and take every relationship serious.I'm an old fashion kind of guy and I believe in following my heart in matters of love.I just want to start over ,find happiness and peace of mind with a good hearted woman. I've been widowed for 10yrs now and have a daughter who is married and lives with her family. If you wish to email me at (redacted). I would be delighted and surely reply...Nathan


What's with these generic invitations?

Listen up, Nathan: I don't want a God-fearing man who lives in the UK, I want a man who's afraid of me and lives around the corner.

I don't want "an old fashion (sic) kind of guy". If I did, I'd have one.

And what the fuck is a hopeless romantic? Who would want one? And who would want to be one?

BTW, I am special --- just not in the way you want me to be.