Monday, February 27, 2006

The Poetry Police Can Kiss My Rhyming Ass

Current mood: intransigent

Category: Writing and Poetry

GUILTY PLEASURES (Shakespearean Sonnet)

Haiku are fun to write because they're short.
I tend to write them when I'm short on time.
And tanka, I am happy to report,
Are also short – and easier to rhyme.
I don't know a pantoum from a pontoon.
And emulating Petrarch hurts my brain.
I'll stick with Hallmark; moon and June and spoon
And pen a more conventional refrain.
It could be that I'm lacking in resolve.
Or maybe erudition's what I lack.
A ghazal* is a puzzle I can't solve.
It makes my train of thought go off the track.
And I would rather die and go to hell
Than ever try to write a villanelle.

* rhymes with puzzle