Monday, February 27, 2006

Belle Responds Again To Play's Posts About Her On PrimeSingles (2004).
(from MySpace)

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Category: Romance and Relationships

Subject: RE: The Creative Impulse
Author: bellecurve
Username: bellecurve
Date: 01/21 11:35am

Belle isn't real, but I am. You are partly responsible for her bad behavior, because you chose to demonize her on this website, but I created her and set all this in motion. I did my best to outrun and outwit you, but you've been writing for fifty years and I've been at it for less than three months and I'm no match for you when it comes to these marathon posts. This is not a competition. I never wanted to win anything here except your affection and interest, but you see me as Belle, your nemesis. You never see me. I am not Belle any more than I am a song that I write. Can you understand that you have a much more intimate and complicated relationship with your characters? You are living with them in your imaginary world, where you all interact. That's what writers do. Whether what goes on in your head is sane or insane is not the issue. It's how you work. It's why you see me as Belle and not as Connie. And I'm not going to post again about Belle. If this has been a battle of wits, you won before the first post hit the board, because it's not about just the words for me. It never was.