Sunday, December 04, 2005

The following email exchange is heartbreaking. I won't be able to sit down for a couple of days. This young man has me in a tizzy. He's gorgeous, smart, sexy, lives only an hour away .... but he's forty years my junior. It's a God Damn shame, isn't it?

Date: Dec 4, 2005 12:53 PM

There is something about your sexual literalism that is even more exciting to me..... The idea that you are always wet, always sexually aware of your body is what i love--that image of sexual self knowledge.....good. As for my penis--i will leave it for another day.....agreed it must be the owner--as it were--not the equipment. I have never been with a woman your age sexually, but you make me want to experience bright, so forceful, such intellectual power is arousing. I want to inhale and taste you......I want to talk, and fuck, I want to take you in and have you take me inside. I want you to wonder about me sexually. I want to imagine, then take you. I am hard thinking about you.......I want to experience your orgasm, under me, on me, I want to hear your response to, talk to me, and, to, fuck me.

My Reply:

Ah, Anonymous! If only I could find an old man who lusts for me the way you do ..... who will also scrub my back in the shower, go food shopping with me, help me shovel our driveway (and let me do my share - I love to shovel snow), get those pesky leaves out of the gutter, put air in the tires, fix things around the house and watch TV in bed with me late at night. That's bliss, in my book. Without that, sex - even great sex - goes only so far.

From: Anonymous

that i cant help you with.........we will talk though

My Response:

Thanks for letting me down gently. I will return the Black & Decker drill and work overalls to Sears tomorrow. Shit.