Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In defense of his Caliphus sketch, Ken offers the following explanation: Flights of fancy* that expand on the unknown origins of ancient phenomena have been traditional fictional devices as long as there have been storytellers.

Nice try, Ken -- but I would bet it was inspired by the HBO Real Sex special that aired last night. There was a lot of eye rolling and giggly talk from Kim Cattrell about erotic sculpture in general -- and penises, testicles, labias, clitorises and G-Spots in particular. All of this to illustrate, albeit smarmily, that throughout recorded history men and women everywhere have been doing the nasty and celebrating it in drawings, paintings and sculpture. Duh.

Aphrodite in all her guises was discussed and displayed again and again as the embodiment of female sexuality. Impossibly beautiful, serenely detached, forever unattainable, she is a goddess even an old misogynist like Ken can't resist. He worships dead celebrity goddesses - his favorite is Marilyn Monroe. There is no room in Ken's pantheon for flesh and blood love objects. Real woman need not apply.

*Flights of fancy? He's the King of Spin. I should know.