Monday, November 28, 2005

A friend of Ken, "she who watches", posted on Delicious Demon "to the best of my knowledge--nothing much has anything to do with Nebraska". She ought to know. As a weather balloon based in the Pacific Northwest, she flies over it constantly. Gigantic, epicene, filled with fetid hot air, she lands on the East Coast - whoosh! - and hides Ken under her voluminous metaphorical skirts. He cowers there, hoping deeplip doesn't show up, stick a pin in "she who watches" and open up a can of whup-ass. It's a shame the man puts his head between a woman's legs so often with so little pleasure involved. Oh, wait! Someone always benefits. Maybe Ken secretly wants a Mom Dom (my term). What does "she who watches" get out of it? She flies three thousand miles to North Jersey just to cock-block deeplip? Go figure.