Thursday, July 20, 2006

Men Flying Into Newark Airport And The Women Who Love Them

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My darling PA,

It might help to know that I will be driving a purplish-brown Ford Windstar. I'll be easy to spot. I will have the headlights on, but my breasts will be covered. I will keep circling until I see you at the end of the sidewalk. When you exit the American Airlines terminal, just walk right and wait for me. Wear a red rose in your lapel, so I don't take the wrong man home with me.

Newark Airport has very tight security - they don't let us pull over and wait to pick up passengers, and the end of the sidewalk is about the only place cars can loiter for a moment - unless, of course, you're a chauffeur or somebody driving a limo. That's why it's better not to wait for me directly in front of the terminal doors. It's much too crowded, and people double park and block the lane.

And no, PA, it's not "a thousand yards". Would I make you walk that far?

My cell will be charged if you need to call. XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Your Athena.

phil armstrong

Roses won't be so easy to come by when I leave for the airport at 4:00 AM. I will be wearing a black polo shirt and khaki slacks and carrying a large nylon duffel bag. I won't be bringing a jacket or necktie. PA


Come as you are, baby. Don't forget to bring those little red and blue twinkling lights.

phil armstrong

Many thanks for that reminder.


I love a man who's into feng shui.