Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bad Boys And The Women Who Love Them

Current mood: depraved
Category: Romance and Relationships

Mr. Armstrong's Comment:

Hot and very humid in Hunt County, Texas. The sins of the year pile up for accounting around now. Is there anything I should do before the amnesty starts?

My Reply:

What amnesty?

No sinning whatsoever until July twenty-first. Then as much sinning as desired until the twenty-fourth. And remember, once you're back in Texas, that's a no-sin zone.

Don't forget to bring the padded footstool.

(Deeplip, who says, "What happens in East Brunswick stays in Easy Brunswick.")


Lately, the weather in New Jersey has been very hot and humid. I can't afford to run the AC, so naturally, I've accumulated some sins of my own. Remember we discussed the possibility of your bringing a silk rope, and I told you no way would I allow you to tie me up like that poor Japanese woman in the picture you sent me with all her naughty bits on display?

Bring the rope.