Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just Say No

I buy my morning papers at a nearby Wawa, which has a six lane "fuel court".

Every day I hear people in the check-out line complaining about the price of gas. Many of them spend as much as thirty dollars for cigarettes, buying several packs along with their cups of coffee and snack food. At four dollars a gallon, it doesn't make sense to buy smokes with money that could be spent on gas.

Yesterday I bought four newspapers. My bill came to $2.75. The man ahead of me bought four packs of cigarettes, a cup of coffee and a Lil' Debby snack cake for just under thirty dollars. He could have put that extra twenty five in his gas tank, but I'm sure it never crossed his mind. I watched him drive out of the parking lot in his mammoth SUV, talking on his cell phone.

We are a nation of addicts.