Sunday, October 01, 2006

Eau de Moi, Made By A Woman But Strong Enough For A Man

Current mood: libidinous

Subject: macaroons

Body: I gather the old coot doesn't turn you on.

New List of Boring Things I Have Done (or almost)

A lecture on the local access channel about the binomial theorem.

A grade school performance of Julius Caesar.

Free tickets to the Audie Murphy/National Cotton Museum?

Taking two hours to walk in a circle on the roof of the John Hancock building in Chicago to observe the skyline (childhood buddy Jan did this to childhood buddy Peery, years ago. I was exempted because they knew me).

Having to see either Stavisky or Claire's Knee at the Trans Lux East in Manhattan with any acquaintance and his wife -- after dinner. Driving from Chicago to New York on I-90 in one day.


It's a far far better thing that I have your panties in my briefcase than any other that has happened to me, children excepted but nothing else.



(Posted with permission by Deeplip who has finally met her match.)

Update: For those who want to know more, the panties were new, white cotton briefs. I wore them for several hours - just long enough, but not too long, if you get my drift.

In affairs of the heart, timing is everything.