Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pulitzer Shmulitzer

Current mood: imprudent

A recent email invitation:

Dear Friends of Poetry and Creativity,

I am pleased to send this along,
From XXXXXX XXXXX, Events Coordinator at XXXXXXXXXX.
asking, "if you would promote to your friends in poetry a special pre-publication reading for Professor Paul Muldoon's event this Monday (Oct. 2) at 7:00pm. I would like to give him a good turnout.

Many thanks for your assistance,

XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, (job title)

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (venue), Princeton, NJ 08540

XXX-XXX -XXXX ext. XXX (phone)

i'd sooner sit on
a macaroon
than sit through
a reading
by paul muldoon