Thursday, August 24, 2006

Where Is Forrest Gump When You Need Him?

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Mensa convention gathers the minds

By TRAVIS REED, Associated Press Writer Fri Aug 11, 9:54 PM ET

The single qualification to join their group is an intellect among the world's top 2 percent -- an IQ of at least 130 -- which makes some Mensa members often feel like outsiders.

Those who traveled to Orlando this week found a place where they could do whatever gave them kicks without worrying about fitting in at the World Gathering of Mensa, a 100,000-member club.

"Most of the people are just a little different, a little out of step. And here that just doesn't happen," said John Sheehan, a New Hampshire hypnotherapist and member of American MENSA's board of directors. "One of the
most often heard phrases of people who are new to an event like this is, 'I felt like I've come home."


Just insert periods and MENSA becomes an acronym for My Ego Needs Serious Attention.

(Deeplip, aka clefpalate)