Friday, October 21, 2005


Here's my latest belle and play post on, which Ken quickly deleted. Can't say that I blame him, poor fellow. I'm running the poor old guy ragged! With any luck it will be the last. I once told Ken if he'd stop lying about me, I'd stop telling the truth about him. That would be a win-win situation.

One last thing: I forgot to mention, I was also, according to the Gospel of Ken, (see above, Second Person Singular) the young Bangladeshi woman who came to primesingles looking for a wealthy older man who would bring her and her young son to America. Ken posted bittersweet fantasies about having the resources to do this. He wanted to have a child with her. The four of them would be a family. He was obviously just being his loveable old narcissistic windbag self, and some of his readers questioned his sincerity. He angrily lectured them on the terrible hardships women endure in Bangladesh, telling them he longed to rescue this brave and selfless young mother from her plight, but was powerless to do so. Were he not impoverished, he lamented, he would provide for her and the child (children?) and she would lavish love and gratitude on him in return. His last, best hope for a happy old age was denied him. Now I find out that he believed she was actually me! But then, who wasn't me? Most bizarre of all was his claim that I was Leslie herself; "Leslie" being the name of the committee who administered the website, enforced the rules, flagged objectionable material and bounced people from the site. Damn, I'm good!