Friday, October 21, 2005


Oops I Did It Again
Ken is puzzled. He asks, "What kind of person saves posts?" Well, let's see..... Writers, for one. Also, people who are contemplating lawsuits. Nothing like having all the posts, chats and IM's right at your fingertips. Without hard evidence, everything is just accusations and counter-accusations (he said, she said). Too bad Ken and I can't post our medical records on the internet for all to see. Then the readers could decide for themselves whether I have "multiple personality disorder" or whether he "hears voices". One of us is deranged, but which one? Hmmmm. Let's look at the facts of the case. Everyone knows it's impossible for someone to appear online as several people simultaneously. Especially if there's a problem of abuse on the website. Primesingles, a technologically sophisticated dating site with thousands of users, runs software that identifies you by your IP number. No one can be in Georgia and St. Louis and Bangladesh and Capetown posting and chatting at the same time. Ken got the mostly middle-aged women who hung on his every word all in a tizzy. He was delighted. During our long, late night phone conversations, he'd laugh at the way he'd pulled the wool over their eyes. He called them "morons". He'd say, "Why does it bother you? It's just words on a screen. It doesn't mean anything". But it did. And I was not the only victim. Unfortunately for Ken, the line between fantasy and reality soon disappeared - as it often does in mental illness - and he came to believe his own story. He freaked out, and almost two years later, he's still freaking. But it is a great story, and as luck (karma?) would have it, I wrote my book before he wrote his. Ken's last novel came out in 1970 (if you don't count the self-published stuff he couldn't find a publisher for) Seems to me he has a very, very bad case of writer's block. Get busy, Ken! I'm rootin' for ya, kiddo!