Monday, August 22, 2005



My nipples are shaped

like Hershey's Kisses® but they

don't melt in your mouth

and that's why they stay hard and

hurt all day long. Damn you, play.

I WISHED ON THE MOON / I CAN DREAM, CAN’T I?       ( prose poem )

Speaking of tits, playwrightnovelist, the breasts in those pictures I sent you are different in real life. Yes, Play. They are even nicer. The software I was using insisted on putting them in "Collage Format”, which, they said, makes images appear “flatter than they actually are”.They asked if this was o.k. Well, it wasn't o.k., God damn it, but what could I do? It was either flatter breasts (ouch!) or no pics.  I just want you to know the twins are actually higher and fuller and rounder. BTW, did you really mean it whan you said you “wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole” ? Play! I’m crushed! Devastated! That's always been my dream.  All my life  I’ve wanted an old codger with a ten foot pole to ask me to strip naked so he could touch me with it . I’ve wanted it for as long as I can remember and now it looks like it’s not gonna happen.  Shit!