Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Turning a Minus into a Big Plus

T-Mobile decides to hang up on Barkley (from Yahoo! Buzz)

Dwyane Wade no longer needs to keep his cell phone on vibrate. Charles Barkley won't be calling any time soon.

T-Mobile disconnected Barkley's "Fave 5" commercials with a statement saying that "given the recent developments" Sir Charles' spots no longer will air.

Barkley was charged with DUI in Arizona after a Dec. 31 arrest and is alleged to have had a blood-alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit. Also, according to the police report
, Barkley shared a little too much personal information, saying he was on the way to a 1:30 a.m. tryst with a woman he had just picked up.

If T-Mobile had a 900-number campaign working, maybe Barkley would still have a job. As it is, a company spokesman said of Barkley's future that, "As he works through his personal matters, we will evaluate where to go from here."


Now that Barkley has lost his broadcasting and endorsement gigs, it's time for a career change. I'm sure the porn industry would welcome him with open arms -- and other body parts.

No need for Sir Charles to repent or rehabilitate himself. He'd make less money, but he'd get to do what he loves.