Friday, August 29, 2008

The Vagina Travelogues

From The Washington Post Online:

David Duchovny's sex disorder likened to alcoholism

By Jill Serjeant Reuters Friday, August 29, 2008; 6:00 PM

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Did life imitate art when David Duchovny, who plays a sex-mad writer on the hit US TV show "Californication," seek treatment for sex addiction?

Or was it case of art imitating life for the "X-Files" actor -- regarded as one of the hottest men in Hollywood and whose off-screen romances have long been a talking point.

Duchovny's announcement on Thursday that he was voluntarily going into rehab for sex addiction after years of denying he had a problem, threw a spotlight on a disorder that few celebrities, and even fewer ordinary men and women, admit to.

Often likened to alcoholism, drug addiction or gambling, sex addiction is a form of compulsive behavior which is sending growing numbers of people into therapy but which is not formally recognized as a "diagnosable disorder" by the American Psychiatric Association.

"The concept of sexual addiction is a controversial one and that's because it is difficult to define," said Dr. Steve Eichel, an addiction specialist who works in Delaware.


Let me define it for you, Dr. Bichel: One woman is too many and a thousand women are not enough.