Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shhhh .... Genius At Work

Current mood: avant-garde

Category: Writing and Poetry


dedicated to experimental poet Arielle Greenberg

(Ninety nine bottles of
maybe it was beer
on the wall
Certainly it was a wall
(Ninety nine bottles
of beer or was it wine?
on the wall fence
shelf whatever
If one or more than
of those
bottles should happen to fall
but if a tree
falls in the forest and
no one is there to hear it, then what?

(It barely breathes. Certainly we
hear it or maybe not

(Ninety nine when it was dark ninety eight
when I went to my lover ninety seven
when my lover came

Ninety fucking six ……………. Maybe this is boring

(Certainly this is boring
(Maybe I can barely breathe

Anyway ….
(Ninety five …. ninety four ….

When do we stop counting?
(ninety three …. ninety two …..